Oak House Location

Booking contact:

Address: Rauhankatu 2, 21100 Naantali, Finland, Old Town
Tel. +35840 581 6090 tai +35844 906 4844
email: info@naantalinmajoitus.fi

Driving directions to Oak House:

While arriving to Naantali old town, find Torikatu-street (Note! Lappalaistenkatu-street is a dead-end). With a navigator, please, type in the whole address: Rauhankatu 2, 21100 Naantali. In Torikatu drive to the west. The street goes up and left. You will arrive to Uusikatu in front of a small apartment house. Follow Uusikatu and soon you´ll find Rauhankatu on the right.


A cozy detached house in peaceful Old Town – Pihatalo Naantalin Wanhassa Kaupungissa